Top 10 Places to visit in Florida / Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral

Similar to St. Augustine, Cape Canaveral has made our list of the top-10 places in Florida due to its historical significance – and not just for the United States, but for the world, and for mankind as a whole. Cape Canaveral is home to the famous Kennedy Space Center, where NASA has been hard at work since the 1950’s to push man beyond the limits of the world as we know it. Once the site of every famous space launch for the last 60 some-odd years, Cape Canaveral today is very much the same – it offers an operating space launch site as well as a number of museums that showcase everything that NASA has been able to accomplish since it was established.

Located east of Orlando, and just in between Jacksonville and Miami, Florida’s Space Coast offers more than just the history of America’s manned space program, it also offers a stretch of some of the best beaches in Florida. And it seems that with the passing of every new year, Cape Canaveral’s cruise ship port becomes more and more popular. There are tons of hotels, inns, and restaurants that line the coast, in addition to a sprawling national wildlife land with over 20 miles of undeveloped beach for you to explore.   All rights reserved