Top 10 Places to visit in Florida / St. Augustine

St. Augustine

When it comes to Florida’s history, as well as the history of North America, the New World, and what would eventually become the United States, you can’t do any better than St. Augustine, Florida. This beautiful historic city makes our list of the top-10 places in Florida simply out of seniority – it was founded in 1565 and settled by the Spanish, long before the English colonized Jamestown and over 50 years before the Pilgrims finally landed at Plymouth in Massachusetts. And the city itself is quite interested in preserving that rich cultural history.

Each year, roughly 2 million visitors pay a visit to  St. Augustine during their trip to Florida, and many flock see the Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the United States. In addition, tourists love to get lost in the historic city streets modeled after traditional Spanish city planning and check out the various shops and restaurants, while others prefer to check out some of the local beaches, play a round on the stunning golf courses, or pay a visit to the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

As Florida’s oldest city, St. Augustine brings you back into a time that feels like it never existed – it’s almost as if you walked directly into a story – except it’s real life, and it’s all here for you to enjoy.   All rights reserved