Top 10 Places to visit in Florida / Miami


It’s no secret that Miami is one of the top destinations in the domestic US, but also in the world, and for a good reason! Miami is one of the trendiest, chic, and hippest cities in all of Florida. Both Miami and Miami Beach embody everything that the state of Florida stands for, as it blends together old and new, young and old, cutting-edge and classic – all in a single, cohesive city.

For your next Florida visit, Miami has to be on your list of destinations. Miami Beach offers some of the best beaches in Florida and the downtown district is full of historic attractions, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and the like. And how could you possibly forget about the Art Deco District? Find yourself strolling down the street in the middle of a modernist movement while the Art Deco buildings leave you in awe with their architectural beauty.

Last, but certainly not least, pay Flagler Street a visit to check out a number of historic buildings and some true Miami culture. When it comes to this bustling seaside city, there’s always something to do. The Overtown neighborhood, Little Haiti, and Little Havana are the cultural hearts of the city, and you can get lost moving from local food spot to food spot as you take in everything that Miami’s rich cultural history has to offer.   All rights reserved